Fragrance favourites


I always find perfume shopping fun, but a bit overwhelming – after a few sniffs of every fragrance on offer, my nose starts to get confused and I can’t remember which ones I liked and didn’t like. Over the past couple of years, and after many visits to the perfume section in Boots, I’ve rounded up some of my favourites. I think you can tell which one is my ultimate favourite, though (note the almost empty bottle on the right).


Gucci Bamboo reminds me of crisp autumn days and fresh walks through slightly damp leaves, with its mix of strong yet elegant notes. The first few whiffs are quite citrusy and floral, but as it wears into the skin you get a more intense scent of deep sandalwood and subtle vanilla. It’s this combination of sweet and musky undertones that makes Bamboo unique, and perfect for someone who loves a sensual fragrance that isn’t too sickly sweet or overpoweringly earthy.


Dahlia Divin by Givenchy is definitely more of a summer fragrance for me as it is light and fresh. It also starts out fairly sweet and as it develops the fragrance becomes more woody, but not as musky as Gucci Bamboo. Its clean, delicate notes seems to become part of your skin, like a more delicious version of your natural scent. The one thing that definitely struck me about this perfume is how long lasting it is, you can wear it from day to night without needing to top up.


My all-time favourite scent is Giorgio Armani’s Si – it’s the one I keep going back to and repurchasing. I love how elegant and modern the packaging is with its uniquely-formed lid and simple bottle shape. It is an instantly recognisable scent, with notes of blackcurrant, freesia and patchouli. Si is perfect for day and night as it has the ability of channeling a fun, outgoing spirit, and a sultry, passionate one. This very distinct, fruity fragrance is like perfume marmite, you either love or hate it, I love it and wear it all year round.

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