Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel

I’ve seen great things about this cleanser for a long time now, but could never justify spending £29.50 on one skincare product when there are much more affordable options out there. But let me just say, it was the best £29.50 I’ve ever spent. The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel has changed my skin and improved it in ways I didn’t think one product could.


I have had problematic skin virtually my whole life and my previous skincare routine involved wipes to remove foundation (…I know). I tried various ways of clearing my skin up – the pill, prescription cream, antibiotics – none of which made a huge difference… so about three months ago I decided to quit all that clinical stuff, and just invest in better skincare. And this cleansing gel in particular has made a world of difference. I’m not claiming that this is going to give you perfect, flawless skin, but it definitely made mine much more smooth, supple and radiant.


It comes out as a gel, you only need one to one and a half pumps, and as you massage it in (apply it with dry hands directly onto your face), it will gently break down the foundation/blusher/bronzer, and whatever else that’s built up on your skin. It melts into an oil texture as you rub it in, which feels so nourishing and luxurious – it’s like a mini facial each time I remove my makeup! Once massaged all over your face (excluding the eyes), splash some water and remove with a wet (clean!) flannel in a firm, downward motion towards your neck. The slight roughness of the flannel, and the pumpkin enzymes in the product, will get rid of any dead skin cells and gently exfoliate the skin. You can use a muslin cloth, but I prefer the texture of a flannel – you can get inexpensive ones from M&S or John Lewis in the UK.

I honestly couldn’t rave about this product more, I love everything about it – how it deeply cleanses the pores, gets out all the dirt, and properly removes the makeup, leaving my face feeling so refreshed and cleansed in a way I’ve never felt before.

And now I realise it was so silly to think £29.50 was a lot to spend on my face when it’s got to last me a lifetime…



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