L’Oreal Sublime Bronze overnight self tan

I’m not one for fake tanning – definitely not sun beds and I usually hate the effort (and the smell!) of self tanning. But I was going to Spain earlier this month and hated the thought of being the only pasty white English girl on the beach. A friend told me about this new product, the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Overnight Elixir Self Tan Serum, because she loved it so much. £14.99 is a reasonable price, for a decent brand, so I decided to give it a go!


I am so glad I bought this, it’s just like sunshine in a bottle! It’s an almost gel-like texture that absorbs pretty quickly and, although it has a bit of a fake tan smell, it’s not half as bad as most of the other ones. Best applied with a tanning mitt for an even finish, it blends so nicely into the skin, isn’t sticky, and doesn’t go patchy or streaky – the dream!

Put it on at night, wait a couple minutes for it to soak in, get dressed into pjs, get into bed, wake up, shower (it will turn the water into a muddy colour and look like it’s all washing off but don’t worry), and it will leave you with a very natural-looking tan as if you’ve spent a couple of days in the sun! I would suggest using it about three nights in a row to build up the tan and then after that it will last you a good week or so.



The best thing about this is that it doesn’t transfer onto clothes or sheets too much (if you wait for it to soak in), doesn’t have that horrible biscuity smell, it lasts on your skin pretty well, and you can use it on your face!

It does look scarily dark in the bottle and when you first apply it, but once washed off it will look more like a tint after one application. Once you build it up over a few days it gives you such a beautifully natural, bronzed tan!

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