Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

This stuff has been raved about by beauty bloggers, and just the general public, for years. It’s that one luxury product that I’ve always wanted but couldn’t bring myself to spend £39 on. However, the other day when shopping with a friend in Covent Garden, we stopped by Space.N.K (always a risky move), and I just took the plunge and bought the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm… and I’m so glad I did. I haven’t been using it long enough, only a few days now, to really see a difference in my skin, but the short-term effects so far have been wonderful.


You can use this cleansing balm as a makeup remover, or as a second cleanse after removing your makeup. I use it as both – I take a small scoop of it, add a splash of water, rub it between my fingers, and massage it into my dry skin in little circles in an upward motion.

The balm is quite a thick texture to start out with, and then when you add the water and massage into your face it’ll turn into a milkier, oily consistency. It smells amazing, so natural and soothing, like a beautiful spa scent. This is probably down to all the natural ingredients it has…

  • Moringa seed extract, Vitamin E, and Wild sea fennel minimise the appearance of pores and help to purify
  • Orange, neroli, and mandarin oils revitalise and rejuvenate
  • Jasmine, cedarwood, and rose extract restore radiance and recondition dull, dehydrated skin


It comes with the special Emma Hardie Professional Cleansing Cloth (which helped me justify the price a bit) that has a muslin side for gentle exfoliation and removing makeup, and a softer, micro-fibre side for more sensitive areas like around the eyes.

That’s another great thing about this is that you can use it for the entire face, including the eyes (many cleansers, like the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, aren’t suitable for using around the eye area). Just gently rub the balm across closed eyelids and into the lashes to dissolve any mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. It melts away makeup so easily and effortlessly with its soft, oily texture.


It is better for people with dry and dehydrated skin, so for those like me with really oily skin, it might be a bit much to use every day. So I will continue to use my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel most days, and use the Emma Hardie one when I feel my skin needs that extra boost of radiance and hydration as it is richer and more moisturising.


My skin feels so soft, supple, fresh, clean and amazing after using this – I don’t feel the need to moisturise afterwards because it is so hydrating (although I still do). I find it removes makeup better than any other cleanser I’ve tried, and doesn’t leave an oily residue or any kind of tackiness on the skin afterwards, just beautifully radiant, squeaky clean skin. It’s definitely going to be a staple in my skincare regime from now on, but I’m going to have to savour it as I can’t be spending nearly £40 on one product too often…

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