Zoeva nude spectrum

Literally every beauty addict has raved about this brand for ages and now I can finally see what all the hype is about. I recently bought this Nude Spectrum eyeshadow palette by Zoeva from Selfridges, and I think I’ve fallen in love. It has fifteen eyeshadow shades, mostly shimmery and some matte, in a wide range … More Zoeva nude spectrum

Glowy goodness

January can be a bit of a downer – it’s cold, dark, and most of the time the weather is bleak (in England at least)! A good way of injecting some joy into your life this month is by amping up the glow in your makeup. I find that a bit of shimmer is an … More Glowy goodness

Winter lip saviours

This time of year can be a killer for sensitive lips, mine always seem to suffer in the cold weather, they get dry, chapped and flaky – not very fun! I’ve found three products that really help my lips in the winter. If my lips are feeling flaky and uneven, I go straight to my … More Winter lip saviours

Four faves from MAC

MAC has always been up there with some of my favourite makeup brands, and I’ve collected quite a few of their products over the years. I go through phases with my makeup looks, and recently I’ve been gravitating more towards brown, earthy tones for both lips and eyes. I’ve always struggled to find a concealer … More Four faves from MAC

Fragrance favourites

I always find perfume shopping fun, but a bit overwhelming – after a few sniffs of every fragrance on offer, my nose starts to get confused and I can’t remember which ones I liked and didn’t like. Over the past couple of years, and after many visits to the perfume section in Boots, I’ve rounded … More Fragrance favourites